3 Reasons to Think Twice Before Cutting Corners on Your Website

With the proliferation of DIY website builder tools and “fast and cheap” web development solutions, it’s perfectly reasonable for brands to wonder why they should invest in an agency-built website instead.

For starters, having a full-service ad agency handle your entire website development project saves you a ton of time and headaches. Plus, an agency has the expertise—and the accountability—to handle all the technological hiccups that are a normal (but frustrating) part of the web development process.

But that’s not all. Here are 3 more reasons why you should think twice before cutting corners on one of your most valuable marketing assets.

1. Your Website Should Protect Your Brand

DIY and “fast and cheap” solutions traditionally rely on design templates to get your job done. The result: a cookie-cutter website that probably looks and sounds like a lot of other websites in your industry.

An integrated advertising agency like Devaney & Associates is different. Our team of designers and writers create custom websites and content for every client. No two sites are alike. Each is a reflection of the client’s unique brand look, voice, and positioning.

When you consider how many consumers rely on the Internet to inform their purchasing decisions, that level of website customization is essential to making your brand stand out from the competition.

2. Your Website Should Be a Strategic Engine

DIY and “fast and cheap” solutions may give you a nice looking site. But how hard is your site working?

A marketing agency like Devaney & Associates reframes the website development process as a strategic marketing process. Our goal is to make sure your site isn’t just an online brochure—but a marketing tool that helps you convert visitors into leads and customers.

And—as any marketing agency will tell you—the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy doesn’t work with websites. Having a full-service marketing partner like Devaney & Associates gives you a comprehensive strategy for getting traffic to your website, converting the traffic into customers, and retaining those customers after the initial transaction.

3. Your Website Should Always Feel Fresh

You know those super-outdated magazines in your dentist’s waiting room? An outdated website has the same depressing feel for your visitors.

Fresh content, such as regular blog posts and newsroom updates, tells your visitors that your brand is dynamic and open for business. Just as importantly, fresh content tends to get a higher ranking in search engines like Google, especially on topics that are frequently evolving.

“But who has time to constantly update their site,” you ask? A marketing agency does. At Devaney & Associates, we take the burden of website maintenance and content creation off our clients’ shoulders. We plan content schedules, draft content that’s optimized, shareable, and easy to repurpose across all your digital channels, and execute strategies to drive people to your new content.

Is your website working hard enough?

In addition to website development, Devaney & Associates offers website audits, refreshes, content management support, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can achieve your marketing goals!