About Us

About Us

Devaney & Associates was created in 1991 to help brands generate change-making results.

We call Baltimore, Maryland our home, but we market products and services that matter to people around the world.

Our Difference

We bring you 3 things that most agencies tend to overlook.
And that can make all the difference in your marketing results.


70% of our team members have more than 15 years of experience—so we know what gets results and what doesn’t. Even your smallest details will be handled by seasoned pros.


Our marketing processes work because they are exhaustive. Our work ethic enables us to uncover ideas that get your audiences (even your staff) to rethink the way things have always been done.


The average agency-client relationship lasts just 3 years. Many of our clients have been with us for 5, 10, even 20+ years. We fight for our clients’ brands, because we believe in what they are building.

our people

It is estimated that the average agency-client relationship lasts just 3 years. At Devaney & Associates, many of our clients have been with us for 5, 10, even 20 years. That’s because Diane leads our agency with a simple guiding philosophy: if you start with good strategy, you’ll get good results. She’d love to meet you for coffee and share some of our success stories.
Diane Devaney
Founder & President
Devaney & Associates’ reputation for outstanding client service starts here. As the leader of our account executive team, Lisa is your strategic advocate, your marketing planner, and your budget and deadline manager within our agency. That next marketing goal of yours? It’s handled.
Lisa D’Orsaneo
Account Manager
Decades of neuroscientific research have shown us that emotions—not facts—drive human purchasing decisions. Casey crafts the brand stories that go beyond the facts to speak to your audience’s hearts and minds.
Casey Boccia
Creative Director
Media planning is an artform. Susan Casey is its master. She creates beautifully balanced strategies that reach your audience where they are—often in creative and emerging spaces that your competition hasn’t thought of. She trims the fat that you don’t need. And she negotiates deals that make ad reps cry uncle.
Susan Casey
Media Director
Lindsay doesn’t just write press releases. She handles all aspects of clients’ reputation management, working to ensure that our clients are known, noticed and respected by all their audiences for all the right reasons.
Lindsay Hebert
Director of Public Relations
The Batman of branding. The crusader for good design. Kolleen rescues clients from boring, unattractive, and unsuccessful advertising with her utility belt of high-tech design skills and her arsenal of creative ideas.
Kolleen Kilduff
Senior Art Director
How do we keep the lights on and the creative energy flowing? The answer is Valerie. Valerie manages all the numbers—from billing to accounts payable to financial statements—providing us with the timely, reliable data and analysis we need to guide and grow our organization.
Valerie Hoffman
Accounting Manager
In marketing, you have to sweat the small stuff. That’s where Renee comes in. She oversees every detail for our clients—schedules, budgets, metrics, you name it. That means fewer worries for you and more good results for your brand.
Renee Landis
Account Executive
Jordan speaks the language of color and composition and is your go-to for all things creative. With an artistic eye and her design skills, she has the power to bring even the most unique of your visions to life. Need help taking your brand from bland to bold? Jordan is here to help.
Jordan Levush
Graphic Designer
Whether it’s advertising, blog writing, or social media marketing, Meghan’s got your copywriting covered. Bringing fresh creativity and a knack for writing to the table, Meghan is ready to capture the essence of your brand!
meghan Militello

our office


Visit us at the historic Trentham Mansion, an 18th century (and possibly haunted) historical landmark located just outside Baltimore City. We’ve transformed the former boarding school into a modern-day destination for the latest in marketing, advertising and PR thinking and doing.


just say no to the grind-you-down agency culture. and say yes to us.

We do inspiring work. We support each other’s growth. And we surround ourselves with smart, hard-working, kind-hearted people, because it makes every day so much better.

While we’re not actively hiring, we’re always open to discussing career opportunities. Have one in mind? Contact us today!