Case Study - Carroll Hospice

Case Study – Carroll Hospice


To change families’ minds, we had to understand their hearts.

  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Media planning
  • Social media

National Gold Award: Home Health/Hospice Marketing Aster Awards
National Merit Award: Total Advertising without TV Healthcare Advertising Awards
Best Campaign of the Year: Runner-Up American Marketing Association Baltimore

In a campaign workshop with Carroll Hospice nurses and volunteers, we uncovered a heartbreaking truth: families typically waited too long to call hospice, because they perceived it as “giving up” on their loved ones.

That meant we couldn’t just market Carroll Hospice; we had to change the way people viewed hospice care.

We built a fully integrated advertising campaign to showcase real-life examples of how Carroll Hospice goes above and beyond to transform end-of-life care into a deeply personal and surprisingly life-affirming experience for patients and their families.

The campaign succeeded in changing perceptions, delivering a 47% increase in time patients spend in care. This means families are now calling Carroll Hospice earlier so that their loved ones can get much-needed care and comfort sooner.