National Intern Day: Our Intern’s Summer Spectacular

In case you’ve been wondering who was behind some of our agency’s recent blog posts, such as Devaney & Associates Head Back to HQ, we’ve got an exclusive from the author themself–that’s me! 

Greetings from beyond the keyboard! I’m Jester, this summer’s copywriting intern who had the great pleasure of working with D&A the last few months. With my time here nearing an end, and so close to National Intern Day, I’ve been asked to do one last write up on my experience during my internship.

Expectation vs Reality

When I saw the words ‘copywriting intern,’ I had no idea what to expect. I would consider myself a writer primarily versed in fiction, but I saw this as an opportunity to learn a new style of creative writing. In that respect, it did not disappoint. 

From day one, it felt less like I was an intern and more like I was a student with the bonus of hands-on experience. I was assigned writing projects such as blogs, newsletters articles, and social media posts within week one! I was also invited to sit in on several company meetings, giving me a true feel for what it’s like working at Devaney & Associates.

Virtual But Involved

While my internship was intended to be entirely virtual, I was never shut out from the rest of the team. I met everyone virtually within the first week, and I later met them all in person when I spent a day at the Devaney & Associates HQ. There was also plenty of communication between me and the creative team, whether it was a million new projects or a simple update at the end of the day. I felt most a part of the team when I came in for a second visit, though that one came with a catch…

The TikTok Project

One thing I didn’t expect to mention during my interview was the fact that I had 150k followers on TikTok (now over 300k but who’s counting?). This ended up becoming a huge part of my internship when I was asked to create a presentation about TikTok as it relates to marketing and brand promotion. In between drafting articles and writing Facebook posts, I was researching the very app on which I developed a following and always thinking about how it could benefit a business. 

Once the presentation was complete, I went back to the HQ and treated the team to a TikTok education (while they treated me to Noodles & Co). Maybe we’ll see some D&A TikToks go viral in the future!

Summer Only Lasts So Long

As my time here comes to a close, I am nothing but grateful for having been given this opportunity. I learned so much, especially about writing for a specific audience and the revision process. I thank everyone in the business, especially my supervisors, for mentoring me these past few months and giving me the chance to work in the real world of writing. 

So long for now!


Devaney & Associates Head Back to HQ

Here at Devaney & Associates, we take our work as a full-service advertising, marketing, and PR agency very seriously. We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients and helping them expand their audience. We also value the connections we’ve made within our own team. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like apart from one another…

Except we did have to work from home for over a year. 

Alas, the stay-at-home orders have been lifted, and we have been welcomed back into the castle that is the Devaney & Associates office. Needless to say, our squad has been very excited about the return. We’re not sure who is more thrilled: Us or the ghosts who haunt the historic mansion!

Office building of Devaney & Associates, rumored to be haunted!

We went around and asked the (living) inhabitants of our headquarters to see what everyone loves the most about coming back to office:

“After over a year of working from home, it is a breath of fresh air to go back into the office and talk to everyone,” says Graphic Designer Jordan Levush. Media Director Susan Casey agrees, adding, “It’s nice to have that face-to-face connection!”

That social interaction is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the professional benefits. It’s a general consensus among the team that working in the same building has boosted efficiency. Account Executive Renee Landis loves, “that we can just print things out and discuss them face to face like the good ol’ days.” That instant feedback easily tops the grueling process of having to compose, send, and wait for a reply to an inquiry email. With immediate responses comes immediate action, as our Accounting Manager Valerie Hoffman emphasizes when she says she feels “more productive in the office because [she] can get questions answered more efficiently.”

Another bonus of coming back to work is being exposed to other projects outside of your own bubble. During quarantine, we could only know the information right in front of us, but Account Manager Lisa D’Orsaneo loves “seeing and hearing what is going on in all parts of the agency, and what people are working on, outside of [her] own silo.” 

Going beyond the professional and social areas, our team also celebrates the small pleasures that come with returning to work:

“It sounds crazy, but I am really enjoying commuting again…it’s my time to decompress and catch-up on podcasts.” ~ Casey Boccia, Creative Director

“I’ve enjoyed wearing real clothes instead of my pjs!” ~ Meghan Militello, Copywriter

“I enjoy not having to fight with my cat over my keyboard. 😊” ~ Lindsay Herbert, Director of Public Relations

Our Copywriting Companion, Nova, taking a nap after a long day at the office.

Though pets aren’t entirely excluded from the office! The Devaney Dogs are always welcome to visit and brighten the mood with their radiant energy. “I missed the people and the office dogs! I love visits from both.” says Kolleen Kilduff, senior art director.

It’s safe to say the return to the office has been nothing but a positive experience. Our Founder and President Diane Devaney says, “We are very fortunate for every minute we get to spend in each other’s company. This is an incredibly professional and intelligent group, and work is all the more enriching when we’re together.” As a side note, she adds “And we finally got to see how tall our summer intern is in real life.”

Join the Generosity Movement

Did you know Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a day to celebrate the do-gooders—think local nonprofits and charitable organizations—who dedicate each and every day to bettering the community? Over the years, this day of gratitude has grown into a global movement that encourages people all over the world to show their appreciation and support by giving back to the most philanthropic organizations of them all!

To get in the spirit of giving, we would like to spotlight those who empower, advocate, and serve—our incredible nonprofit clients. Please consider supporting these organizations not only during #GivingTuesday (December 1, 2020)—but all yearlong as well! Click on each organization to see how you can help make a difference and support their mission.

Mission: To provide superior medical treatment, compassionate care, and expert guidance, while offering an uncompromising commitment to the highest quality health care experience for people in all stages of life.

Mission: Dedicated to improving the quality of life for patients needing end-of-life care, allowing them to live as fully and comfortably as possible by providing quality palliative care, pain and symptom management and support for their families.

Mission: To provide compassionate, quality health care that honors diversity, inspires wellness, and improves the community.

Mission: To create a caring community that inspires people to thrive and live lives of significance through the key values of connection, respect, communication, engagement, and integrity.

Mission: To empower every participant so that they may find their purpose, achieve their goals, and become poised, productive members of their community. To advocate for those in need and assist each and every individual by providing compassionate education and valuable resources and tools so that they can make the very best decisions and develop important life, social, and competency skills.

Mission: To improve the health of the individuals and communities they serve through compassionate, high quality care.

Mission: To provide compassionate, vibrant and supportive communities and services to promote wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Mission: To improve health and quality of life in the communities they serveabiding by the core values of respect, quality, integrity, excellence, stewardship, and innovation.

Mission: To transform lives by providing help and hope for enduring recovery to individuals, families and communities in the Baltimore metropolitan area who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs.

Let's Build a Better Community Together

At Devaney & Associates, we deliver marketing campaigns with brains, hustle, and heart—because we truly believe in our clients’ work and will do all that we can to further their life-changing missions. Our nonprofit clients strengthen the communities they serve—providing a higher-quality of life for their citizens and leaving the world better than it was before.

Call us at 410-296-0800 or contact us online to learn how we can lend a helping hand with your marketing campaigns as you dedicate yourself to serving others.

Our Clients are Raking in the Recognition this Fall!

At Devaney & Associates, we prioritize public image—handling all of the finer details of our clients’ reputation management so they don’t have to stress over the small stuff. Want to be recognized for all the right reasons? Feel free to fall back on us for support!

Autumn has been all about pumpkins, press releases, and promotion for our PR team. 

When it comes to our clients and their amazing accomplishments, we have a lot to be thankful for! Our director of public relations, Lindsay Hebert, has been actively helping clients gain exposure through media coverage, award recognition, and more.

Route One Apparel

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and promoting small businesses is more important than ever this year. Lindsay has already secured coverage for Route One Apparel on WJZ and WBAL in advance of Small Business Saturday. Make sure you’re on the lookout for those appearances!


Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP)

What’s better than seeing Maryland’s small and mid-sized businesses succeed, especially after such a challenging year? Lindsay has promoted MD MEP‘s specialized programs and services—such as apprenticeship programs and free educational resources—in the regional media to help our local manufacturers grow their workforces and improve their processes.


Health Facilities Association of Maryland (HFAM)

Recently, HFAM president Joseph DeMattos was named a 2020 Leader in Health Care by the Baltimore Business Journal for his leadership and guidance in senior care during the pandemic. Lindsay wrote and submitted the nomination for this prestigious award—which helped ensure that Joe’s outstanding work did not go unnoticed.

Our PR Director, Lindsay, is excited to fall back to...

Lindsay is looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the fall weather as much as possible with her family and her dog Darcy! She also is excited to spend the upcoming holidays with her family—even if their celebrations are smaller and more laid back this year.

Is it time to turn over a new leaf when it comes to your marketing?

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A D&Ay to Remember: The Beginning of Devaney & Associates

The year was 1991. Diane Devaney tightened her grip on the steering wheel of her Toyota Corolla, waiting for the light to turn green. In 20 minutes, the FedEx office at BWI airport would close, meaning the artwork resting on her backseat would not make it in time to her client the following day. Finally, the light turned green and she floored it, the city of Baltimore disappearing in her rearview mirror.

One year before, Diane had sat at a table at Dalesio’s of Little Italy with her husband and another couple, Fritz and Beth Stratan. The Stratans, who owned a student travel agency, AESU, were one of Diane’s biggest clients. When the coffee came, the Stratans reluctantly announced that, while they loved working with Diane, the agency she currently worked for was charging too much. They were taking their business elsewhere.

That announcement sparked a very important conversation: “What if Diane started her own agency with their help?”

As reluctantly as the Stratans broached the subject, Diane accepted their offer. The Stratans gave her $10,000, plus enough to cover her salary for 10 months, and allowed her to work out of the AESU office, which covered most of her overhead. Devaney & Associates, Inc., was born.

Among the agency’s first clients were Health Care for the Homeless, St. Vincent de Paul (a leading provider of community services to people suffering from the effects of hunger, homelessness, and poverty in Baltimore), the Maryland Department of Agriculture, and, of course, AESU.

“It’s always been about what works for the client,” says Diane, looking back on that time period, which defined the agency’s ethos. “Putting the client first is putting yourself first.”

Diane’s other priority? Hiring good people. Hard workers who worked well together were her key to success. Right off the bat, Diane hired a graphic designer so she could spend more time tracking down leads and generating new business. This paid off when, after a year in business, Devaney & Associates turned a profit and was able to move into an unassuming office building in The Village of Cross Keys, where Diane’s golden retriever, Chardonnay, maintained a permanent residence.

Diane knew then that Devaney & Associates was going places. But on that cold November day in 1991, she only had her belief in herself to guide her. The front door of FedEx was locked, so she drove around back to the loading dock and parked, grabbing the artwork and hoisting herself onto the dock. She ducked under the overhead door, which had been left partially open.  A FedEx worker she knew saw her and took the package. She thanked him and climbed down to her car, driving home with a loose grip on the steering wheel.

Great Marketing is in our D&A

We’re a full-service agency that never settles. From brand development to media strategy, we’re here to deliver big results that will help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Devaney & Associates Gives Thanks for 20 Years with Susan Casey

Media planning is the art of determining and negotiating the best advertising platforms and placements to maximize your marketing ROI. Needless to say, it can be a very time consuming and complex process. Good thing you can fall back on the experts at D&A to handle it all for you!

Susan Casey, Media Director

This month, we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of our media director, Susan “Suz” Casey! Susan began her reign as D&A’s media queen on Halloween of 2000 when digital advertising was in its infancy. Since then, she has kept our clients at the forefront of the digital revolution—helping brands capitalize on the value and power of digital advertising tools like geo-fencing and contextual targeting. (Don’t know what those are? Contact us to learn more!)

From her innovative media strategies which beautifully balance traditional and non-traditional tactics to her fierce negotiation skills that ensure our clients always get the best value for their media dollars, Susan has truly mastered the art form that is media planning so that you don’t have to.

Join us in raising a glass to 20 years of exceptional work from our beloved media director—and here’s to 20 more!

We're Grateful for Susan because...

  • Selena Brewer Mowery, LifeBridge Health: “I always appreciate Susan’s dry sense of humor, but also her eye for extreme detail. She’s very trustworthy and always wants what’s best for the client.”
  • Renee Landis, Account Executive at D&A: “I’m grateful for Suz because she’s so patient and organized. She always handles every situation with confidence and ease!”
  • Lisa D’Orsaneo, Account Manager at D&A: “Suz has been there from the start of my career at D&A. She has always been so helpful and considerate, and I’ve loved making memories with her. It has been a pleasure getting to work with her for the past nineteen years!”
  • Casey Boccia, Creative Director at D&A: “Susan has a wonderful work ethic and she never backs down from a challenge. Her quiet ferociousness is something that I’ve always admired about her.”

Want to work with a well-seasoned marketing, advertising, and PR firm?

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