Three Cheers–and Aster Awards–for Devaney & Associates!

Our agency has once again been recognized for our work in the healthcare advertising industry. This year, we added three Aster Awards to our collection of prized trophies.

The Aster Awards program has been hailed as the nation’s most elite competition for marketing agencies who work in healthcare advertising. Trophies and certificates are distributed based on evaluations by a diverse panel of judges, each one an expert in the field. Competing against agencies working with similar objectives, Devaney & Associates was recognized and granted awards in three different categories.

Bronze Award: Sinai Hospital Residency Recruitment Program

Sinai Hospital came to Devaney & Associates with a tricky situation. After years of stable recruitment for their renowned residency program, the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to shave away at their numbers. Tasked with bringing in new recruits in the face of quarantine, Devaney & Associates created a new brand positioning, a new recruiting microsite, and a series of testimonial videos so prospects could check out Sinai’s programs from the safety of their home. For their work with the community teaching hospital, Devaney & Associates earned the Bronze Award for a Professional Recruitment Series.

Silver Award: U=U Maryland Testimonial Video

What does U=U mean? It means Undetectable Equals Untransmittable, which encompasses the idea that people who are HIV-positive and follow their treatments can reach a level of viral undetectability where they won’t transmit the virus to sexual partners. Educating the public on the U=U message is key to stopping the spread of HIV. To do this, the Baltimore City Health Department and Chase Brexton Health Care joined forces with Devaney & Associates to develop a testimonial video featuring real people whose lives have been transformed by the power of U=U. This video was so artfully crafted that it earned a Silver Award in the Special Video Production Single category.

Gold Award: Baltimore Medical System Heartstrings Fund Brochure

As a federally qualified health center, the Baltimore Medical System relies heavily on fundraisers to keep their operations running. However, the pandemic saw many of these fundraisers cancelled. Baltimore Medical System reached out to Devaney & Associates, and we came up with a solution together: the Heartstrings Fund, a year-round community philanthropy program. The Heartstrings Fund Brochure, which helped soft-launch the program, painted BMS as more than just a clinic but a worthy cause that is changing lives. Donors could see this brochure and know that any donation would help make a difference. This heart-warming brochure won a Gold Award as a Multi-Page Brochure Advertising piece.

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Devaney & Associates Brings Home the Hardware Once Again!

Devaney & Associates has a history of successful campaigns for healthcare providers. This year, at the 38th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, the Devaney & Associates team was honored with not one, not two, but five awards!

With over 4,400 entries this year, the Healthcare Advertising Awards is known as one of the ten largest advertising awards competitions. Out of healthcare advertising-related awards, they are the oldest, largest, and most widely respected. This year’s entries were ranked by an esteemed panel of judges based on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design, and overall impact. Devaney & Associates wowed the crowd in five different categories.

Merit Award: Baltimore Medical System Heartstrings Fund Brochure

For our work with Baltimore Medical System and their Heartstrings Fund brochure, our agency earned a Merit Award in the Brochures category.

BMS challenged our team to create a new, year-round fundraising program that would appeal to the entire community.

Our solution—the Heartstrings Fund—was launched on Giving Tuesday 2020 with a brochure campaign designed around the concept that we are all connected by a common thread: our community.

Merit Award: U=U Maryland Testimonial Video

As part of a larger awareness campaign, the Baltimore City Health Department and Chase Brexton Health Care joined forces with Devaney & Associates to develop a testimonial video featuring real people whose lives have been transformed by the power of U=U. Our joint efforts were rewarded with a Merit Award for Digital Video Ad–More Than 2 Minutes.

Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U) comes from the science validated by CDC, NIH, WHO, and many other international health authorities, stating that if people who are HIV-positive follow their treatment plans and maintain undetectable viral loads, they cannot transmit the virus to sexual partners.

Silver Award: Sinai Hospital Residency Recruitment Program

Sinai Hospital, the largest community teaching hospital in Maryland, is used to a hefty recruitment season. That was until COVID-19 turned everything digital. They knew they had to change, so they teamed up with Devaney & Associates to formulate a recruitment plan that would go on to earn a Silver Award in the Professional Recruitment Program category.

Despite the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, Devaney & Associates produced a series of testimonial videos in addition to a new brand positioning and a repolished microsite that could reach all prospective residents in the safety of their homes.

Silver Award: Carroll Hospital “Making a Masterpiece” Annual Report and Gold Award: Carroll Hospital “Better Together” Wall

At the height of COVID-19, Carroll Hospital came to Devaney & Associates’ creative department with some big ideas. With the hospital’s upcoming projects, they didn’t want to focus on all the hurt caused by the pandemic. Rather, they wanted to celebrate their community and show their appreciation for their hard-working staff. Our team took this challenge and ran with it, earning a Silver Award for the Annual Report category and a Gold Award for Installations in the process.

The “Making a Masterpiece” annual report highlighted donor contributions by showcasing all of the projects their generous donations have funded, hitting home with the message that the community helped to “make the masterpiece.”

Capitalizing on the message from the annual report, the “Better Together” wall in the Carroll Hospital lobby served as an interactive experience for the hospital’s frontline workers. Doctors, nurses, and staff were invited to add their contribution by coloring the wall’s life-sized illustrations or filling in the wall’s response circles with messages of gratitude. Both projects serve to reward the close-knit community for their hard work and inspire the same energy going forward.

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Devaney & Associates Wins Coveted “Grand MX Campaign of the Year” at the 2021 American Marketing Association of Baltimore MX Awards

Devaney & Associates, a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, won the 2021 Grand MX Campaign of the Year Award, the highest honor awarded at the American Marketing Association (AMA) of Baltimore’s 36th Annual MX Awards.  Held virtually on May 20, the MX Awards recognized and celebrated the creative efforts of Baltimore’s best and brightest marketing and advertising organizations and agencies.

Devaney & Associates’ grand prize-winning campaign was an interactive installation designed for Carroll Hospital, a LifeBridge Health Center. Entitled “Better Together,” the installation celebrated the dedication and accomplishments of Carroll Hospital’s team during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Carroll Hospital leadership team tasked Devaney & Associates with concepting a design to show their immense appreciation for their overworked staff who had been working countless extra hours, facing personal fears, and exceeding expectations to ensure the wellbeing of the community during the pandemic. With a tight deadline and following all COVID-19 protocols, Devaney & Associates virtually designed an interactive concept that encouraged the hospital community to share words of inspiration and gratitude, express themselves creatively, or relieve stress by coloring in the wall’s life-sized illustrations.

In addition to designing the concept, the Devaney & Associates team fabricated many of the 30-foot installation’s elements at home and provided remote construction guidelines and support to the hospital’s maintenance staff. After the unveiling, frontline workers were invited to stop by to add their creative contribution to the installation—resulting in a triumphant display of teamwork.

“Our 24-year partnership with Carroll Hospital has given us many wonderful opportunities to collaborate and communicate, but 2020 threw us all challenges we never could have imagined,” said Diane Devaney, president, Devaney & Associates. “This was an all-hands-on-deck effort from our team, Carroll Hospital, and LifeBridge Health—giving us the opportunity to think outside-the-box and create something that recognized and inspired many healthcare heroes and the Carroll Hospital community.”

AMA Baltimore’s MX Awards were judged by a distinguished panel of marketing experts, who reviewed each creative campaign and selected award winners for each competition category, as well as the sought-after Grand MX Award, and first and second runners-up.

Devaney & Associates Adds A Summer Intern to Their Creative Roster

At Devaney & Associates, we pride ourselves on being a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations agency in Owings Mills, MD. This summer, we are excited to expand our team of marketing champions by bringing on a new copywriting intern!

Meet the New Kid: Jester Hutchison

Originally from Columbia, Maryland, Jester found their love for writing as early as middle school. There was always a new story building in their mind. However, they never considered writing as a career path until after their first year of college. Now, they’re a rising junior pursuing a BFA in creative writing with a concentration in fiction (and a minor in kinesiology, just for fun!)

And They Do…What Now?

Jester works with the creative department at Devaney & Associates to draft projects and brainstorm ideas. Their favorite part about writing is the ability to capture an image and share it with other people. That tug of emotion you get from reading a book or watching a movie–it all began with a writer scribbling down a few ideas. With copywriting, Jester wants to capture a brand in the same way. They want people to walk by a billboard or scroll past an advertisement and remember exactly how they felt. 

Jester applied for the copywriting internship in the hopes of gaining experience in a different style of writing, while also refining their current skills. Copywriting requires more structure than basic prose, but both styles touch on similar elements of writing such as tone, voice, and attention to the audience. They are most excited to workshop ideas with a writing team to craft the most effective pieces for Devaney & Associates’ clients.

Fun Facts About Jester

Jester currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia while they finish up their last two years at George Mason University (GMU), but their home turf is in Howard County, Maryland. They played four years of varsity soccer for Wilde Lake High, and now they play on the GMU Women’s Soccer Team. In their free time, they enjoy exercising, bullet journaling, reading, and writing!

They also have a semi-successful TikTok account, which is a huge testament to their creative writing ability. Held to a minute-long limit, they write quick, witty scripts based on what they think their followers will like, and they often do it on the fly–just pulling out their phone and typing out an initial script from anywhere. Then, they bring these scripts to life with their high school theatre background and video editing skills from YouTube University. The popularity is cool, but their favorite part is seeing someone say, “This video made me laugh!” as that is the Jester’s job!

Devaney & Associates Welcomes Valerie Hoffman to the Team

As a full-service marketing, advertising, and PR agency, it takes a dedicated team to keep our work ethic strong and creative juices flowing so that we can continue to help clients generate game-changing results.

We are excited to announce that our agency has added a new member to the team, Valerie Hoffman! With a knack for numbers, Valerie now serves as our accounting manager—handling everything from billing to accounts payable to financial statements.

Get to Know Our New Accounting Manager, Valerie!

Valerie’s love for accounting began when she earned her Bachelor of Science in accounting from York College of Pennsylvania. After graduating from York, she passed the Maryland Certified Public Accountant exam, which led to over 30 years of private accounting experience in multiple industries including an HVAC manufacturer, a Mack truck dealership, a printing company, and a professional incremental growth training and consulting firm.

Valerie enjoys the detailed work involved in tracking and recording accounting entries according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, making her the perfect fit to manage all the numbers and provide us with the timely, reliable data and analysis we need to succeed. Her skill set includes financial statement reporting and analysis, revenue recognition, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cost accounting, payroll, benefits administration, fixed assets, financial audits, internal controls, and bank reconciliations. 

Currently, she lives in Howard County with her husband and their dog Bandit. In her spare time, Valerie enjoys spending time with her daughter, family members, and friends. When she’s not busy at the office, she also likes to read, craft, and shop. A fun fact about Valerie is that she played field hockey and softball for the Spartans during all four years of college!

Devaney & Associates Secures Four Wins at Public Relations Society of America 2020 Best in Maryland Awards

Devaney & Associates received four awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Maryland Chapter at the 2020 Best in Maryland award celebration held on December 10. The virtual gala and awards show featured Maryland’s finest public relations and communications professionals and awarded 47 Best in Maryland (BIM) awards in 26 different categories, including a new COVID-19 category, and five esteemed honors in the professional awards category.

Best in Maryland: Tuerk House 2018-2019 Annual Report

Devaney & Associates and Tuerk House received the Best in Maryland honor in the Annual Report category for the 2018-19 Tuerk House Annual Report. As Baltimore’s pioneering leader in addiction treatment, Tuerk House sought to reinvent its aging campus into a state-of-the-art addiction treatment center but needed the help of donors to make the project a reality.

Devaney & Associates helped create a compelling annual report that would tell their fundraising story and inspire donors to support their life-saving work. Working together, they researched and gathered powerful stories of hope that happened inside Tuerk House’s walls within the past two years—showcasing the incredible patients, staff, and leadership.


Issued in September 2019, the annual report helped Tuerk House usher in a new era of fundraising to support its mission. To date, the organization has evolved from $0 in fundraising support to securing more than $2.5 million in grants and donations towards the next phase of its capital improvement project. View The Triumph of Hope 2018/19 Tuerk House Annual Report here.

Award of Excellence: “Designed by Moms” Family Birthplace Campaign

In the Integrated Communications category, Devaney & Associates and Carroll Hospital were given an Award of Excellence for the “Designed by Moms” Family Birthplace Campaign. In 2019, Carroll Hospital unveiled its all-new Family Birthplace, making it the second hospital in the nation to offer Neonatal Couplet Care Suites—a unique approach that allows moms to room with babies who are born prematurely or require specialized care, even after the mother is discharged. While this was an incredible advancement for the hospital and its community, many moms still did not view Carroll Hospital in the same light as bigger institutions.

Working with Team D&A, Carroll Hospital wanted to change the public’s perception of their level of care, while promoting the new and improved Family Birthplace and Neonatal Care services to expecting and future moms. Most importantly—they wanted to highlight the fact that the reimagined Family Birthplace was built by moms for moms, showing that the hospital used the input of real-life mothers to fuel the expansion.

Using mom-approved messaging and images, D&A created a marketing plan that included:

  • Programmatic digital advertising (display, mobile, and audio) and social media advertising to target prospective moms with extreme precision
  • Search engine marketing to reach women who were researching competitive hospitals
  • Print, billboard, and movie advertising to announce the expansion community-wide
  • Email marketing to prospective moms and referral sources, like OB/GYNs
  • Event sponsorships to reach expectant moms at family-friendly events

The results? Increased consumer confidence and an impressive pre-term birth percentage increase from 5.6% of all hospital births in 2018 to 9.5% of all births in 2019. See all that the Family Birthplace at Carroll Hospital has to offer.

Award of Excellence: Ingenuity Project Media Relations Campaign

Devaney & Associates and Ingenuity Project—a nonprofit overseeing an elite math and science curriculum for advanced middle and high school students in Baltimore City’s public schools—were recognized In the Media Relations Campaign for Non-Profit Associations category.

D&A set out to create a strategic media relations plan for Ingenuity Project that would secure publicity in print, broadcast and online outlets in the Baltimore area. The campaign would rely on press releases, pitch letters, and phone calls to communicate creative story angles promoting:

  • The Ingenuity Project as the elite program in Baltimore City Public Schools that prepares students for college and STEM careers.
  • The organization’s latest news and developments, including its expansion into James McHenry Middle School for the 2019/2020 school year.
  • The excellence of The Ingenuity Project’s math and science curriculum executed by its highly experienced teachers.
  • The successes achieved by both current and past Ingenuity Project students.

Between August 2019 and March 2020, the Ingenuity Project media relations campaign netted more than 10 featured placements in greater Baltimore media, including print, online, broadcast television, and radio outlets. These features not only highlighted the incredible accomplishments of the students, but the quality of the program and the exceptional opportunities offered to the students to connect with STEM leaders in their community. Learn more about the organization’s efforts here.

Award of Excellence: Project Sanctuary Comes to Maryland

The final Award of Excellence recognized Devaney & Associates’ work with Project Sanctuary in the category of Events/Celebrations, Fewer Than 7 Days. Project Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization providing therapeutic retreats and follow-up services to help military families heal and reconnect following deployment. The Colorado-based organization contacted Devaney & Associates to help them promote their first Maryland retreat, held at the Pearlstone Center in Reisterstown, MD.

The D&A PR team immediately began to research the history, mission, participants, and retreat background of Project Sanctuary, as well as the best media outlets to cover the event. Focusing on research and statistics regarding how military service impacts families, D&A created pitches that highlighted the benefits and activities of the retreat, as well as family stories that spoke to Project Sanctuary’s mission. The goal was to secure one print and one broadcast feature story in order to share the amazing work of the nonprofit.

After making some worthwhile connections and coordinating media opportunities, the Project Sanctuary retreat was featured in the following media outlets:

  • The front page of the Washington Post Metro section – reaching 88.8 million unique visitors nationwide online
  • An article in the September 2019 edition of At Ease Magazine – with a distribution of 100,000
  • A feature on WMAR-TV’s 5pm, 6pm and 11pm broadcasts and WBAL-TV’s 6pm and 11pm broadcasts – reaching a combined total of 92,400 daily viewers

Visit the Project Sanctuary website to learn more.