Bringing a Brand to Life: Interim Homes Website

It’s been a whirlwind of website launches at Devaney & Associates! Each time we have the opportunity to work with a client’s site—whether it’s for a website refresh or total site construction—we guarantee ingenuity, total technological guidance, and the utmost creativity to provide our clients with the best of the best!

Interim Homes: Taking the "How" Out of Corporate Housing

Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, Interim Homes has been providing corporate housing solutions across the nation since 1999 for Fortune500 companies, healthcare institutions, government personnel, and more. In 2019, the company came to Devaney & Associates with a challenge: how can we differentiate ourselves from the competition? Using our proven branding process, we helped Interim Homes identify, brand, and trademark five key differentiators, including their Triple One Guest ExperienceTM and their 175 Points of ExcellenceTM, as well as their new tagline: Here for the Journey. 

To bring the brand to life, we started by revamping the cornerstone of their marketing mix: their website,

Before: Creating the Site’s Scope

Item #1: A visual display highlighting their expansion into new cities and unique brand experience—like the Triple One Guest Experience™and 175 Points of Excellence Inspection™—that our team developed during our branding process.

Item #2: Update site components, but keep their database of properties and developed SEO

Item #3: A better search function for their properties across the nation

Item #4: Easier conversion methods for the Interim Homes sales team’s use

 After: From To-Do to Ta-Da!

Once the scope was finalized, we were able to start the development process, which included:

  • Mapping out a plan to choose key cities where there were corporate living facilities, from there, Interim Homes would be able to gradually add new locations
  • Incorporating the use of Google Maps with the site’s main search function—allowing users to search a city and find pinned properties in the area
  • Drafting content that embodied Interim Homes’ signature housing experience with new brand terms such as the Triple One Guest Experience™ and the 175 Points of Excellence Inspection ™—making Interim Homes a name all human resources professionals will be sure to remember
  • Updating the outdated site and server to accommodate newer browsers and technology without losing their original database of properties and SEO framework
  • Linking contact forms to HubSpot for easier conversion, and creating a search that automatically fills in information for the client based on provided criteria

Making Big Marketing Moves with D&A

Thinking about cutting corners when it comes to your website? Think again. With a full-service ad agency at your side you’ll be able to conquer the ups and downs of the development process and save yourself from unnecessary hassle. There’s no need to stress the small stuff, let us assist you on the journey to a better technological presence.

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Devaney & Associates Launches Two Websites

There’s no time like the present to take creative leaps and make strategic branding moves—and what better way to do so than to refresh your website! This summer, many Devaney & Associates’ clients have been keeping our creative team on their toes with NEW and improved website launches. Every site we create combines our meticulous research skills, ingenuity, technical savviness, and top-notch project management to deliver the best results to our clients. Here’s how we make the magic happen:

  1. Brand-building custom design and content
  2. A clear-cut strategy to convert visitors into leads or customers
  3. Content marketing tools to keep site visitors (and search engines!) engaged.

Brotman Financial Group (BFG) Financial Advisors

This month, we are celebrating the launch of BFG Financial Advisors’ revitalized site:!

BFG Financial Advisors is a financial planning and wealth management practice dedicated to helping busy, successful professionals and families plan for lifelong prosperity. Founded by Eric Brotman in 2003, BFG Financial Advisors continues to follow the principles it was built on: transparency, trust, and putting the client first. 

Brotman Media Group

In addition to the financial advisory site, we also had the opportunity to create a brand-new site to promote Brotman’s thought leadership brand— This newest venture is the home of the Don’t Retire…Graduate! podcast, hosted by Eric Brotman, as well as the latest books, articles, and content published by Brotman and his team.

Brotman Media Group, a division of Brotman Financial Group, Inc., was created in 2019 to bring financial literacy education to the masses. BMG offers these free resources as a way to educate the general public on current events and important financial topics.

Before: Website Challenges and Makeover Must-Haves

Challenge #1: Ready-made financial platform with stock photography, content, and no personalization

Makeover Must-Have: Customization and unique content

Challenge #2: The previous content management system was hard for the client to navigate

Makeover Must-Have: Easy editing and publishing capability for the client

Challenge #3: There was no intermingling, or connection, between BFG Financial Advisors and Brotman Media Group

Makeover Must-Have: Clear connection between the two sites and an established hierarchy

After: Revamped and Ready to Impress

To kick things off, we worked closely with Brotman Financial Advisors to determine the immediate needs for their website and to guarantee that the financial site would meet certain compliances and regulations. Then we were able to get to work! Our team organized an online branding hierarchy and strategic site architectures so the two different sites—BFG Financial Advisors and Brotman Media Group—and future online properties would be clear and not confusing to the general public.

From there, we incorporated custom details such as enhanced visuals, blog posts, brand colors, and updated and modernized logos. Diligent organization made the website easy to navigate—and easier for BFGFA employees to effortlessly update the site’s content.

The result? Delighted clients and two top-notch websites that showcase Brotman Financial Group’s industry leadership, dedication to serving the community, and willingness to create meaningful connections and strong relationships.

Let D&A Be Your Guide to Website Glory

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D&A Designs Custom Wall for Carroll Hospital

As a beloved community hospital and a cutting-edge medical center, Carroll Hospital sets the bar high when it comes to unity and “caring for the community together.” In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the hospital’s leadership team wanted to show their immense appreciation for their overworked staff—doctors, nurses, and other front-line workers who had been working countless extra hours, overcoming their personal fears, and putting their lives at risk to provide exceptional care.

They needed something to bring positivity and inspiration back into the hospital’s walls—so they tasked Devaney & Associates with a unique project—to create a wall design that would not only transform a dull space in their lobby, but also spark a light during a time of uncertainty and darkness.

Going Above and Beyond for Impressive Results

With a tight deadline of two weeks, having to follow all COVID-19 protocols—which meant vendors were not allowed inside the hospital to install the piece—and our entire agency working remotely, the Carroll Hospital wall creation and installation proved to be a difficult, but rewarding, challenge.

Our creative team got to work quickly, brainstorming out-of-the-box, interactive ideas that would encourage every member of Carroll Hospital to participate and recognize their role and impact. Overall, we wanted to illustrate a strong sense of community and showcase the power behind contribution. Besides creating the concept and designing the layout, there were countless production components that were needed to make this idea a reality, including:

  • Working with vendors to help us find materials that could be installed quickly and easily (COVID-19 restrictions meant that professional installers were not an option)
  • Researching and buying all materials, like markers, crayons, writing utensil holders, and paint, to ensure we had everything needed to meet the deadline
  • Making some of the intricate pieces ourselves—like the wooden circles displayed on the wall— and painting them to match the selected color palette
  • Creating unique instructions that explained in detail the message behind the wall and how to participate in the fun
  • Coordinating the delivery of multiple pieces so they would arrive on time for the installation date
  • Providing detailed installation directions for the hospital’s maintenance team

Care Together, Contribute Together

We portrayed this sense of togetherness by unifying two interactive concepts that would inspire people to act. The final concept—We Make Our Community Better Together— included the following:

  • Three wall panels that read, “I am inspired by,” “I am thankful for,” and “I care because,” allowing individuals to select a wooden circle, write their response, and display it on the appropriate wall
  • Two illustrative wall segments that invite community members to showcase their contribution by coloring in different parts of the “coloring book” designs

The vibrant display is meant to catch a passerby’s eye, but the message is intended to captivate and draw them in, encouraging them to help the Carroll Hospital community so that they can complete the wall.

The response from the Carroll Hospital wall has been extremely positive and complimentary. Many of the hospital’s patients, employees, volunteers, and more have taken time out of their day to stop by and add their contribution to the wall.

Devaney & Associates Honored with 3 Aster Awards

Devaney & Associates took home three 2020 Aster Awards for its work with Baltimore City Health Department and Chase Brexton Health Care, Carroll Hospital, and Tuerk House.

For over 19 years, the Aster Awards have recognized outstanding healthcare advertising and marketing efforts, and it is considered to be one of the largest and most respected national competitions of its kind.

This year, entries were received from across the entire United States. All entries are reviewed by a panel of industry experts and were scored on multiple criteria with a possibility of 100 percent. Participant’s entries compete against similar-sized organizations in their specific groups and categories.

Gold Award: Tuerk House Annual Report

In the Annual Report category, Devaney & Associates was awarded a National Gold Award for its 2018/19 annual report with Tuerk House—a nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment facility in Baltimore City. Devaney & Associates captured the true essence of Tuerk House’s mission of “providing help and hope for enduring recovery” through the use of real patients’ testimonials and powerful imagery to show how Tuerk House’s hard work and caring efforts have substantially impacted the Baltimore City community.

Silver Award: Carroll Hospital Family Birthplace Campaign

Devaney & Associates was also honored with two National Silver Awards. The first was for its campaign promoting the Family Birthplace at Carroll Hospital, a LifeBridge Health Center. This campaign successfully showcased Carroll Hospital as one of the local leaders in obstetric care; highlighting its expanded Family Birthplace and state-of-the-art Neonatal Couplet Care Unit. The campaign was centered around online-research-savvy moms, using creative messaging and a digital advertising strategy to change the perception of the hospital; further proving to expecting mothers that Carroll Hospital is the right choice for their family.

Silver Award: Baltimore City Health Department and Chase Brexton U=U Maryland Promotional Video

The second Silver honor was for the U=U Promotional Videos made in collaboration with the Baltimore City Health Department and Chase Brexton Health Care. “Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (U=U)” means that people who are living with HIV who follow their treatment plan and maintain an undetectable viral load cannot pass the disease on to their sexual partners. Through the promotional video, Devaney & Associates was able to start a critical conversation about this paramount health development and inform individuals on the proper ways to protect their sexual health.

View more 2020 Aster Award winners here.