Make Your Website Positively Helpful

5 Ways to Get Your Website to Do More for Your Brand

Worried that your website isn’t on par with your brand? See how we worked with Lead4Life, Inc.—a community-based organization that helps underserved youth, adults, and families overcome significant life obstacles—to modernize their website and house their program information, referral tools, participant resources, and more.

1. Don't just tell. Show and tell.

Many brands fall into the trap of simply telling users what they do. But your website visitors want to know that you can deliver. With Lead4Life, we wove real success stories from participants and staff throughout their site to show the life-changing difference that they make in people’s lives.

2. Ensure Everything Has Its Place

Does your website have the deeper content users seek when they’re evaluating your brand? We created individual pages that expanded on Lead4Life’s programs—providing detailed descriptions, a participant profile, a breakdown of services, the location, and how to learn more or refer a participant for each program.

3. Keep Your Site Consistently Updated

If your website—especially your home page—isn’t regularly updated, users will assume your brand is stale. Because Lead4Life is extremely involved in the community, we showed them how to build and maintain an online newsroom, so they can keep current and future participants, family members, donors, and more informed and engaged with the brand.

4. Give Your Visitors the Tools to Become Clients

Your site’s number one job is to convert visitors into leads and customers. For L4L, a new website could also be a tool to generate referrals. With their help, we were able to bring their referrals online by gathering valuable information about their intake process and presenting it on the website in a way that was easy to find and navigate.

5. First impressions matter–visually appealing websites keep people's attention.

So, your website is chock-full of information, but it’s important that it’s also visually appealing! With Lead4Life, our creative team blended a clean layout for desktop and mobile viewing, with uplifting imagery that showcases the organization’s village-styled approach. Our goal was to make website visitors feel inspired, welcomed, and understood—no matter how they accessed the site!

Your website is a reflection of your brand—contact us today to see how we can help!

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Our Agency's Response to One Year of COVID-19

As we all continue to cope with the impact of a year-long pandemic, it’s easy to focus on the negative right now. At Devaney & Associates, we choose to focus on the positive. Here are 5 bright thoughts we’ve had throughout this experience.

1. You are not alone.

From virtual happy hours to online cooking classes, our office has gone above and beyond to stay connected and grow stronger as a team. If you are facing unprecedented communications and staffing challenges right now, we are here to help. With ordinary office hours and extraordinary solutions, Devaney & Associates has your back.

2. Technology is pretty awesome.

Even though our team has been working remotely during this period, we’ve learned how to adapt to new technology—making us even more efficient. Email us, call us, or let’s schedule a virtual meeting. We could all use a little FaceTime right now.

3. Quarantine doesn't mean restricted creativity.

Since we’ve been working from the safety of our homes, we’ve used our agency’s creativity to come up with some out-of-the-box answers to solve unexpected marketing challenges brought on by the pandemic. Check out our work on the Carroll Hospital “Better Together” Wall to see how we created and implemented the installation of an interactive wall design for the hospital—while meeting tight deadlines and following COVID-19 protocols.

4. This, too, shall pass.

As we  move into a year of COVID-19, it’s normal to feel a little disheartened. But know there’s always hope on the horizon. Let’s use this time wisely to plan your next big move. How will your brand bounce back and grow? Contact us today and let’s get started.

5. We love you guys.

Ultimately, this has been a reminder of how much we really mean to each other. We’ve been able to stay in constant contact with clients, and we’ve learned to appreciate each other on an even deeper level. Thank you for being an essential part of our business’s success this past year. We can’t wait to see you when we get out of the house again.

We’re still in this together—and we’ll come out stronger than ever.

Build Your Brand with Integrated Advertising

Client Challenge:

I want to reach more people in my target audience. But how do I make sure my brand doesn’t get lost in a blizzard of other marketing messages?

The Competition-Melting Solution:

Let’s build your brand by getting the recognition it deserves with integrated advertising. With consistent (and creative) messaging that speaks to your target audience, this method promotes strong content across a strategic selection of media outlets. The results? Reaching more people and making them believers in your brand.

On Fire Results:

Carroll Hospital Family Birthplace Campaign

Challenge: Raise awareness for the hospital’s Family Birthplace expansion and cutting-edge Neonatal Couplet Care Program, while showcasing Carroll Hospital as a leader in obstetric care for babies born as early as 32 weeks

Solution: An integrated campaign targeting women ages 24-39 who were pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant

Media: Data showed that our target moms were tech-savvy researchers. We promoted the hospital’s mom-approved amenities and advanced neonatal care across various media:

  • Programmatic digital advertising (display, mobile, and audio)–reaching women actively engaging with pregnancy or fertility apps and content
  • Search engine marketing to reach women researching competitive hospitals
  • Sponsored articles on parenting websites
  • Print, billboard, and movie advertising to announce the expansion community-wide
  • Email marketing and retargeting to valuable referral sources, like OB/GYNs

Results: The percentage of pre-term births (babies born before 37 weeks) nearly doubled—going from 5.6% of all hospital births to 9.5% of all births in just one year. Carroll Hospital’s leadership attributed this to higher consumer confidence brought on by the “Designed By Moms” campaign.

Thaw Out Those Frigid Marketing Techniques with D&A

ClIent Challenge:

Help! I experience major brain freeze when it comes to creating new, captivating content for my brand.

The Competition-Melting Solution:

D&A can give you the outsider perspective you need. With content marketing, we help clients tell their own stories through blogs, social media posts, videos, newsletters, and more. In fact, we can help you produce content that can be repurposed multiple ways across various platforms to get the most bang (and audience impressions) for your buck.

On Fire Results:

Leadership Maryland

By crafting and sharing member success stories, across multiple channels, including the Leadership Maryland website, social media, and monthly e-newsletter, we help inform program alumni and attract future applicants by demonstrating how graduates have applied their experience in the professional development program to make an impact in their industries and communities.

The Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP)

In addition to promoting its programs and services, the non-profit uses its platforms to tout significant achievements and successes of local manufacturers—like how they’ve helped battle COVID-19. In a recent blog, we helped explain how a team of entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Southern Maryland teamed up to build a new dry heat oven that helps healthcare workers across the state meet their critical need for PPE. In addition to being published online and shared on social media, the content contributed to an article by a community news site.

Maryland Relay

Recently, we have helped Maryland Relay spread awareness for their vital services, for people in Maryland who have difficulty using a standard phone, through virtual presentation promotion. We’ve created newsletter articles, social media posts (shared with over 6,800 followers), digital ads, email blasts, and flyers to support their outreach efforts and boost community participation.

LifeBridge Health

LifeBridge Health needed to create a system-wide magazine for their diverse targets. We helped them launch one magazine, versioned three different ways (a Sinai Hospital edition, a Northwest Hospital edition, and a Carroll Hospital edition). Through careful planning, we create each version using a blend of systemwide news and service-area-specific stories and photography. 

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