Fairhaven's Veterans Day Ceremony Makes Front Page

Each year for Veterans Day, client Integrace Fairhaven hosts a ceremony to honor community residents who served our country. It is one of their most moving and well-attended events, and this year was no different. At the Intergrace Veteran’s Day Ceremony attendees honor the Veterans who lived in at Fairhaven and passed away that year, with 12 honorees this year.

“They were good guys,” said Milton Cooney, World War II veteran and, at 103 years old, the oldest veteran in the community. “I’m just happy, fortunate. In my experiences, in the war, I was lucky every step of the way. I got back without a scratch. I have some good memories and some bad memories. But the Lord decided to bring me back. That’s why I’m here.”

See videos, photos, and a recap of the event in the Carroll County Times article.