Marketing Excellence Award from American Marketing Association

 Carroll Hospital “Don’t Guess” annual checkup campaign named Best Digital Marketing Campaign.

Devaney & Associates, a full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, was recently honored at the 33rd annual American Marketing Association of Baltimore’s Marketing Excellence Award. The agency received the 2017 Best Digital Marketing Campaign award for its “Don’t Guess” campaign created for client Carroll Hospital, a LifeBridge Health center.

The campaign targeted three unique audiences—seniors, mothers, and young men–using three strategic media plans to reach each group. The creative concept, “Don’t Guess,” humorously positioned the annual check-up as the only way to get accurate, life-saving health answers in a world of fake news, gossip, and internet self-diagnosing.

The campaign’s digital advertisements delivered impressive results, including 4.7 million impressions—nearly 350,000 more than planned—and a 44 percent post-impression activity rate (a measurement of how many people who interacted with the campaign returned for further interaction). The campaign landing page had nearly 5,300 unique views.

“I’m extremely proud of our campaign that was featured at this year’s Marketing Excellence Award,” said Diane Devaney, president of Devaney & Associates. “We have partnered with Carroll Hospital for more than two decades and are honored to continuously be given the opportunity to create award-winning, memorable work to help them effectively reach audiences across all media platforms.”