Case Study - Maryland Hospital Association

Case Study – Maryland Hospital Association

Maryland Hospital Association


Our public service campaign puts child identity thieves in permanent time-out.

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National Silver Award: Patient Education — Aster Awards

Children are 35 times more likely than adults to become victims of identity theft. But most parents aren’t aware that the threat even exists. 

The Maryland Hospital Association—the leading advocacy organization for Maryland hospitals, health systems, and patients—along with the Maryland Office of the Attorney General, the Maryland chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other state partners set out to change that.

We created a branded public service campaign—kIDsafe Maryland—to educate parents and health care providers alike on the new, but rapidly growing threat of child identity theft.

Our grassroots marketing toolkit made it easy for hospitals and physicians to share the public service message with their patients. The campaign’s website——offered an educational destination for providers and parents who wanted to take the necessary steps to protect their little ones.

100% of Maryland’s 32 birthing hospitals actively promoted the public service campaign to new moms in their patient education initiatives. Better yet, we know moms understood our message and took action; the “How to Request a Credit Freeze for Your Child” is the campaign’s most viewed webpage after the home page.