Case Study - Route One Apparel

Case Study – Route One Apparel


Selling like crab cakes! A PR push turns a rising brand into the face of Maryland pride.

Public relations including:

  • Media relations
  • Award marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Best in Maryland: Media Relations (For Profit) — Public Relations Society of America Maryland

Route One Apparel has transformed Maryland state pride into a fashion statement. But with success comes imitation. Besieged by a wave of copycat brands, Route One needed a way to position itself as the trailblazer in Maryland pride merchandising.

Devaney & Associates had the answer: a comprehensive public relations program designed to showcase the one-of-kind products that can only be found at Route One Apparel and promote founder Ali von Paris as one of the area’s fastest-rising entrepreneurs.

The media jumped on the chance to anoint Route One a “best-of” Maryland brand and its founder, Ali Von Paris, as the face of young entrepreneurship. In less than 12 months, the company had landed an impressive 23 media placements across all the major regional print and television outlets.