Case Study - Vectren

Case Study – Vectren


Proof that public service campaigns can be a gas—and still get big results.

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Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year
American Marketing Association Baltimore
Safety Video Excellence Finalist
American Gas Association

Under federal law, energy providers are required to promote—and measure—natural gas safety awareness in the communities that they serve. For Vectren, that means targeting a very diverse audience (residents ages 18-64 in Indiana and Ohio) with very diverse media consumption habits—all on a very limited budget. 

We built our humor-driven “Don’t Be That Guy” public safety campaign around the one medium that could overcome all of these challenges: digital advertising. Using a sweepstakes as our call to action, we drove people to the campaign’s microsite where they could enter to win and, more importantly, learn all the facts about natural gas safety.

Post-campaign surveys showed that consumer recall of safety communications, understanding of the importance of evacuation, and knowledge of “call before you dig” laws all increased. In fact, 84% of qualified respondents stated they would be likely to have utility lines marked before beginning a digging project.